UpDate in Plastic Surgery 2/2013

Vol. 6, 2, 2013



Autologous fat graft after radiant therapy in breast reconstruction by flaps
Bandi V, Colombo G, Arra E, Codolini L, Sanavio M

Employment of needles in fat placement
Banzatti B, Colombo G, Arra E, Codolini L, Veronesi AM

Blepharoplasty complications: a literature review
Gazzola R, Benanti E, Vaienti L

Rhinophyma treated with one-stage surgery and dermal substitute: technique and histological evaluation
Leone F, Marchesi A, Palitta G, Marcelli S, Riccio M, Vaienti L

Treatment of Achilles tendon region ulcers using autologous fat grafts
Veronesi AM, Colombo G, Arra E, Baserga C, Catania B