UpDate in Plastic Surgery 3/2012

Vol. 5, 3, 2012




Brachioplasty with excision of a strip of deep fascia for management of severe post-mastectomy lymphedema
Ibrahim Awad, Hosam El-Wakeel, Samer Regal, Khaled Elalfy, Yaser Elkiran, Ahmed AM Khalil

Treatment of the Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome using autologous fat graft
Caviggioli F, Forcellini D, Maione L, Giaccone M, Lisa A, Baserga C, Klinger M

Salvage treatment of breast infected implants: comparative assessments of a new experimental protocol
Pesce M, Callegari S, Franchelli S, Santi P, De Maria A

Histological evaluation of skin rejuvenation after Platelet Rich Plasma treatment
Muti GF, Sacchi C, Gianotti R

In continuity Burow’s Triangle Advancement Flap
Di Matteo A, Gazzola R, Villani F, Benanti E, Vaienti L

Gynecomastia: the breast male problem and its surgical approach
Caviggioli F, Vinci V, Giaccone M, Lisa A, Colombo G, Klinger M