Archivio Italiano Urologia e Andrologia

Vol. 85; n. 1, March 2013


"Archivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia" (Archives of Italian Urology and Andrology - AIUA) is the oldest  journal of the Italian urological community.

AIUA is the official journal of SIA, SIEUN, SIUrO and UrOP.

Edizioni Scripta Manent is proud to announce the online version of AIUA.

Until now "Archivio Italiano di Urologia e Andrologia" (already indexed in PubMed and Scopus) was available only in a printed version.

From today AIUA is an Open Access journal, whose contents are freely accessible from all over the world. 

AIUA  publishes peer-reviewed articles dealing with urological and andrological sciences.

This journal welcomes original articles, reviews, editorials, case reports.

Further information is available at the web site:

Edizioni Scripta Manent is certain that this publication will quickly become a reference point for urologists and andrologists worldwide.





Pelvic floor and sexual male dysfunction
Antonella Pischedda, Ferdinando Fusco, Andrea Curreli, Giovanni Grimaldi, Furio Pirozzi Farina

The study of spermatic DNA fragmentation and sperm motility in infertile subjects
Giuseppina Peluso, Alessandro Palmieri, Pietro Paolo Cozza, Giancarlo Morrone, Paolo Verze, Nicola Longo, Vincenzo Mirone

Genital diseases awareness in young male students: Is information necessary to protect them?
Nicola Mondaini, Mauro Silvani, Teo Zenico, Fabrizio Gallo, Franco Rosso, Tommaso Cai, Gianni Ughi, Pasquale Scarano, Vincenzo Orlando, Riccardo Bartoletti

Impact of long-term and short-term therapies on seminal parameters
Jlenia Elia, Norina Imbrogno, Michele Delfino, Rossella Mazzilli, Vincenzo Spinosa, Fernando Mazzilli

Glans reconstruction with the use of an inverted urethral flap after distal penile amputation for carcinoma
Salvatore Sansalone, Giulio Garaffa, Giuseppe Vespasiani, Alessandro Zucchi, Franklin Emmanuel Kuehhas, Ralf Herwig, Mauro Silvani, Stefano Pecoraro, Carla Loreto, Rosario Leonardi

Animal experimental model of Peyronie’s disease: A pilot study
Maria Angela Cerruto, Carolina D’Elia, Alberto Molinari, Francesca Maria Cavicchioli, Antonio D’Amico, Walter Artibani

Lack of significant difference between internal spermatic vein and brachial vein ischemia modified albumin levels in patients with varicocele
Yuksel Aliyazicioglu, Emin Ozbek, Levent Ozcan, S. Sami Cakir, Murat Dursun

Peyronie’s disease: A “triple oxygenant therapy”
Francesco Ciociola, Giovanni Maria Colpi

Ultrasound diagnosis of unusual extratesticular mass: Case report and review of the literature
Lucio Dell’Atti

Abdominoscrotal hydrocele with bilateral hydronephrosis in an adult: Case report
Bircan Mutlu, Yusuf Ozlem Ilbey, Alper Bitkin, Ali Ihsan Tasçı

Inguinal polypropylene plug: A cause of unusual testicular tumor pelvic metastasis
Marco Grasso, Salvatore Blanco, Angelica Anna Chiara Grasso, Luca Nespoli

Henoch-Schönlein purpura without systemic involvement beginning with acute scrotum and mimicking torsion of testis
Levent Verim, Filiz Cebeci, M. Remzi Erdem, Adnan Somay

Isolated pump erosion of an inflatable penile prosthesis through the scrotum in a diabetic patient
Raidh A. Talib, Ahmad Shamsodini, Emad A. Salem, Onder Canguven, Abdulla Al Ansari