Botox as a Lifestyle Choice

Selected by Pietro Cazzola

BotoxGoing under the knife with costly surgery is not as popular as Botox treatments. Surgery is much more expensive and a large group of the population simply does not have the financial resources for this. On the other hand, Botox is affordable, there's little down time and the procedure is a fine needle that is painless.
It's not surprising that Botox is so popular. With an exceptional safety record over the past twenty years, and a price point that is very comfortable and relatively cheap compared with alternatives. There are a lot of myths about Botox. One of them is that it is poison being injected into patients. This is not accurate. It is a bacterium called clostridium botulinum that has been purified under very strict controlled conditions.

Don't Judge Botox by the Extremes
Although Botox treatments are so popular, there are still many myths surrounding the procedure. Like many beauty treatments, it is sometimes associated with frivolity and given a bad and undeserved reputation. Frozen faces of celebrities or the most extreme examples are often paraded out as examples of Botox as an extreme lifestyle choice. But these are often wrongly associated with Botox. But Botox in the hands of a competent and practiced physician, simply does not produce those bad effects. There should be very no impact on the ability to produce natural facial expressions, when administered carefully by an experienced practitioner.

Age and our Skin
As we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, leading to facial lines and wrinkles. Some of the most regular problem areas include the areas on the forehead, around the eyes and in the region of the mouth. Sometimes, this can lead to a worn-out expression. The impressive outcomes from Botox eliminate this tired look. The areas that cause these problems are pinpointed and in the end, the facial muscles are relaxed. The outcome is a noticeable improvement in appearance.
Facial wrinkles are most often formed while people smile, frown or make other facial expressions. The muscles that make the facial skin fold or crease, give rise to crease lines that form into permanent wrinkles. Botox attempts to prevent the formation of wrinkles by inhibiting these muscles from causing creases on facial skin.

The Day, What to Expect, and your Doctor
Your specialist may numb the injection area slightly, but it is certainly not a necessity. The needle used for Botox injections is very fine and you should barely feel it. Normally, there procedure is quite fast. Usually, it will take under ten minutes. And there is no recovery time required, so you can go back to work or off to another errand if desired.
Doctors, dentists, assistants of physicians, and licensed nurses are typically the demographic taking Botox certification courses. Depending on where you are located, this may differ, however, it's important to understand that only physicians can buy Botox and it must be administered either by the physician or someone under their supervision.

By Andrew Wughin