Effective Acne Treatments That Work

Selected by Pietro Cazzola

AcneThe  most effective acne treatments for acne is tea tree oil that is a powerful antiseptic remedy that kills bacteria and viruses and  makes it effective against acne. You can apply the tea tree oil to the affected areas after washing your face. You should dilute the tree oil before applying it on your face as some people say that it irritates the skin. You should try this treatment daily, as it may take a little time to work perfectly, when applied appropriately. The tea tree oil is effective and will treat acne within a short period.
There are many acne treatment options, these treatments fit one of two categories: ‘pore cleansers’ that suppress acne by preventing the sebum blockage inside the pores and products that target the production of either oil or hormones that are thought to trigger breakouts
Pore-cleaners are over-the-counter medications that contain benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid and usually are very effective. Many doctors say that for many patients this might be all the treatment that is needed. In particular, it is effective if breakouts are not causing scars.
The pore-cleansers are even more effective when you find two or three products you like and rotate them every two to three months. You should however be careful to avoid reactions of the chemicals that are used to create the products.
You can actually build a resistance to treatment. In addition, essentially the acne outsmarts the medicine and the breakout begins again but rotating products can often solve that problem. You should always complete your medication to avoid recurrences.
Another effective acne treatment that works overnight is a slice of potato, which has components that are good for the skin, and they can effectively get rid of acne. If applied on the acne area its starch can absorb the oils that clog skin pores then for 30 minutes leave the potato on your skin.