Foot Site Independent Risk Factor for Melanoma Outcome

Selected by Pietro Cazzola MD

MelanomaFoot melanoma seems to represent a specific subgroup and is a negative independent prognostic factor for disease-specific survival and disease-free interval, according to a study published in the September issue of the International Journal of Dermatology.
Martina Sanlorenzo, M.D., from the University of Turin in Italy, and colleagues reviewed a case series of cutaneous melanomas on the lower extremities. Included in the study were a total of 1,671 patients with a cutaneous melanoma (stage 0 to II) on the lower extremities (subungual melanomas were excluded); 327 melanomas were localized on the foot.
The researchers found that across genders there was variation in the distribution of known prognostic factors and patterns of progression of foot and leg melanoma. For disease-specific survival and disease-free interval, the foot site was confirmed as a negative independent prognostic factor.
"Foot melanoma represents a particular subgroup of cutaneous melanoma, which could require specific management in the future," the authors write. "Further studies and other prognostic factors should be investigated to understand the biology of this rare but potentially severe type of cutaneous melanoma."