Anxiety Disorder Is Increased in Patients With Acne

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AcneAcne is a highly prevalent condition during adolescence and young adulthood worldwide, with rates between 12% and 99%.Rates in adulthood range up to 50%. The effects of acne, regardless of severity, can be debilitating, affecting many life domains. Cross-sectional studies report associations between acne and anxiety, depression symptoms and suicide ideation compared to those with little or no acne.
However, no study has examined the relationship of acne with psychiatric disorder (i.e. psychological distress of greatest severity and clinical interest), nor has research ascertained the cumulative lifecourse effects of acne on psychiatric disorder.

S Ramrakha, DM Fergusson, LJ Horwood, F Dalgard, A Ambler, J Kokaua, BJ Milne, R PoultonThe Cumulative Mental Health Consequences of Acne: 23-Year Follow-Up in a General Population Birth Cohort Study.
Br J Dermatol 2015 Mar 27;[EPub Ahead of Print]