Occlusive Warming Patches Helpful in Treatment of Warts

G Schuller-Levis, W Levis, I Dvoretzky

Prior studies have identified local heat therapy as a treatment for recalcitrant warts. We have employed a thermal pad that raises local temperature to 42-43ºC for at least 2 hours in a proof of concept study of three patients with recalcitrant warts. The recalcitrant warts cleared in all three patients beginning in the fourth and fifth weeks after daily treatment with the pads. There were no adverse events. We conclude that the timing of clearance following use of these thermal pads is likely via direct viral killing and immunologic mechanisms. Further controlled trials are underway.

G Schuller-Levis, W Levis, I Dvoretzky
Treatment of Recalcitrant Warts With Occlusive Warming Patches
J Drugs Dermatol 2014 Oct 01;13(10)1194-1196