Micro-Focused Ultrasound Is Effective in Lifting and Tightening Lax Facial and Neck Skin

SG Fabi, MP Goldman


Microfocused ultrasound (MFU) is an effective means for tightening and lifting lax facial and neck skin.

To evaluate the safety and efficacy of MFU with visualization (MFU-V) for noninvasive treatment of facial and neck skin laxity 180 days after treatment and determine what lifestyle factors affect treatment outcomes.

Healthy women (N = 48) previously treated with MFU-V on the face and upper neck were enrolled. Depending on when MFU-V treatment occurred, subjects completed 90- or 180-day follow-up visits or both. Digital images of each subject were obtained before treatment and at follow-up visits.

Data were obtained at 90 (N = 16) and 180 days (N = 45), and physician Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS) scores demonstrated that 81.3% and 77.7% patients achieved improvement, respectively. At 90 and 180 days, subject GAIS scores showed 75% and 77.8% of subjects perceived improvement, respectively. At 180 days, blinded reviewer assessments indicated that 67% of subjects showed improvement in appearance. There was no association between improvement and age, Fitzpatrick skin type, alcohol intake, or major illness. One minor adverse event was reported.

Although the data obtained at 90 days must be interpreted cautiously because of the smaller number of patients, subjects achieved significant lifting and tightening of facial and neck skin up to 180 days after one MFU treatment.

SG Fabi, MP Goldman
Retrospective Evaluation of Micro-Focused Ultrasound for Lifting and Tightening the Face and Neck
Dermatol Surg 2014 May 01;40(5)569-575