Factors Associated With Premature Hair Graying

Selected by Pietro Cazzola

Gray hairsABSTRACT

Many researchers have been concerned about the association of hair graying with systemic diseases. However, the common factors associated with hair graying and systemic diseases have not been elucidated.

This study aimed to identify risk factors for premature hair graying (PHG) in young men.

We conducted a cross-sectional study using questionnaires in young men. After a pilot study that included 1069 men, we surveyed 6390 men younger than 30 years about their gray hair status and various socioclinical characteristics.

The age of participants in the main survey was 20.2 ± 1.3 years (mean ± SD). Of the 6390 participants, 1618 (25.3%) presented with PHG. Family history of PHG (odds ratio [OR], 12.82), obesity (OR, 2.61), and >5 pack-years history of smoking (OR, 1.61) were significantly associated with PHG. In the multivariate analysis, family history of PHG (OR, 2.63) and obesity (OR, 2.22) correlated with the severity of PHG.

Owing to the use of questionnaires, the possibility of recall bias exists. Women were not evaluated in this study.

Smoking, family history of PHG, and obesity are important factors associated with PHG.